We take data + tech challenges in agriculture and food very seriously.

The right technology mix. The best combination of data. A rare expertise from more than a decade in the sector.

What we do

Food safety intelligence as a service for the food sector, powered by FOODAKAI. Digital science infrastructures that have been boosting the impact of international initiatives for over a decade. Custom-made R&D to find the right combination of data and tech to solve a problem.


Minimize food safety risks in your supply chain with sophisticated global data AI. Be transparent about your food products, using live data to verify their quality. Powered by a global database of food incidents and recalls that reveals emerging risks that may affect your food suppliers, ingredients and raw materials.

Who we are

A unique blend of data, computing, agronomy, food and marketing experts. Every time you face a research challenge, a special team of consultants is set up to address it in a tailor-made manner.

The way that
data is changing
food and

Open Harvest

Open Harvest is the annual, invitation-only, experiential conference by Agroknow. A unique, unconventional meeting experience where we develop a shared vision and evolve the way that data is changing food and agriculture.

We share what we learn

Every 2 weeks or so, we send a newsletter with new things we’ve learnt at work. Digital science innovations, agriculture and food intelligence platforms, agtech and foodtech products. Get in the loop and be the first to know.