Data Organisation and Sharing

Solutions for the organisation and sharing of your agricultural data

Data Discovery

Solutions for the discovery and dissemination of your agricultural data

Data Authoring

Solutions for the creation of meaningful stories using your data

Building high quality Data Pools

Solutions for the creation of scientific and educational data pools of open resources

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Agro-Know Data Framework

Combining the power of experts with state of the art technologies

The backbone of all Agro-Know data solutions, the AK Data Framework offers an open and scalable approach that aggregates heterogenous data from various data sources and includes tools that may be used for the storage, organisation, curation, enrichment, analysis, exposure and discovery of data. Taking advantage of big data technologies, data modeling standards and open APIs, using our Data Framework we can help your organization in:

  • implementing an open data policy
  • improving the quality of your data
  • making your data interoperable
  • collecting and interlinking relevant data from external sources
  • setting up meaningful data powered services for your end users such as search engines

AK Data Framework is being used to:


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