Food Safety Knowledge Network (FSKN) training site re-vamp

Service Type/Sector: Data-powered Microsites

Client: MSUglobal (USA)

Client profile: MSUglobal Learning Solutions ( is an entrepreneurial unit in the Office of the Provost at Michigan State University (USA). It enables its partners to leverage opportunities to increase revenue, expand research and enhance reputation. MSUglobal leads the university’s development of innovative entrepreneurial learning ventures both domestically and internationally.

Development of GLN micro-site for FSKN: the Technology Services & Tools team of Agro-Know worked together with the curators of the Data & Collection Team and the FSKN experts of MSUglobal, in order to design and develop a set of food safety content search & discovery pages. These pages have been then integrated into the existing web site of FSKN, in collaboration with the technical experts of MSUglobal, by connecting them with the corresponding search APIs of the GLN infrastructure. Putting the new micro-site in place, gives to the visitors of the FSKN web site the opportunity to search into different information types of relevance to food safety (courses, OER, job profiles, food standards as well as the related food safety competences and curricula) and helps them discover relevant content not only from the FSKN providers, but also from external sources.


The micro-site demonstrator developed for the Food Safety Knowledge Network (FSKN, of MSUglobal aimed to showcase how contextualized and lightweight discovery of food safety training resources may be integrated through an existing site, by integrating a number of search pages powered by content from the Green Learning Network (GLN) data pool of Agro-Know. The solution took advantage of existing course material and open educational resources (OER) on food safety topics that are available from institutions and projects around the world (such as FAO and WHO) to put in place the GLN-powered micro-site of FSKN.

Agro-Know did the following for MSUglobal:

Sample population of a learning repository with food safety resources: the specialized curators of the Data & Collections Team of Agro-Know created and populated a new learning repository with a sample of high quality metadata descriptions of food safety relevant courses, OERs, job profiles and competences. This repository included collections from FSKN as well as other relevantsources (such as FAO, WHO, Codex Alimentarius). The populated repository was connected to the GLN metadata aggregation infrastructure and its resources have been harvested and exposed through appropriate APIs, with support from the Infrastructure Provision & Support team of Agro-Know.


Visit the FSKN micro-site demonstrator: