Charalampos Thanopoulos


Business Development Leader



Charalampos Thanopoulos has a diploma in Crop Science, Specialization in Vegetable Crop Production, a M.Sc. in Modern Systems of Crop Science, Plant protection and Landscape architecture (Specialization in Plant Physiology of Vegetables) and a Ph.D. in pre- / post-harvest physiology of vegetables, all from the Laboratory of Vegetable Production of the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece.

Babis (his short name) has been a member of the Agroknow team since November 2009 and he is currently working in the Business Development Department as the Customer Relations Manager. He is responsible for the creation, expansion, and maintenance of the customer relationships and the generation of awareness on Agroknow tools and services, always retaining focus on customer satisfaction and the alignment of departmental goals with Agroknow’s overall goals.

He has professional experience as a scientific associate at the Agricultural University of Athens, the Forest Research Institute (FRI) of the National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF), the House of Agriculture “Spirou”, the Institute of Vegetables and Ornamental Crops, the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, the Greek Research & Technology Network (GRNET) and the University of Alcala (Spain). Over the past ten years, he has been actively involved in various EU projects (SemaGrow, agINFRA, AGRICOM, Organic.Lingua, WACOM, CerOrganic, eCOTOOLI.S.L.E. Erasmus Network, Rural Inclusion, LaProf, Organic.Edunet, bio@gro, Organic.Balkanet, V-3DAS).

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