Educational pathways for Museums

Service Type/Sector: Authoring tools

Client: Natural History Museum of Crete

Client profile: Lying at the centre of Eastern Mediterranean, the Natural History Museum of Crete is active in the study, protection and promotion of the special features of a unique area with great ecological and cultural complexity.

Description: Using the Pathway Authoring Tool museum educators can now add value to their digital collections on plants, arthropods, vertebrates, fossils, rocks & minerals by creating a number of engaging educational pathways that allow visitors to explore the Eastern Mediterranean cultural diversity through inquiry exploratory activities and games. By accessing educational pathways accessible from the museum’s website, teachers, parents and any interested visitor can plan their own - physical or virtual - visit to the museum.

Educational pathways add value to museum visits by offering visitors interactive activities, games, and guidelines for before and after their visit. The pathways are enriched with supporting materials and enable visitors to select customised pathways to suit their interests and based on their age levels and preferred visit duration. Besides content from the museum's collections, educators can enrich their pathways with their own materials and ingest additional resources from online collections such as Europeana.