The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) has been initiated by the G20 to promote agricultural innovation in tropical countries. To achieve this goal, TAP acts as a multilateral and dynamic facilitation mechanism that enables more effective and streamlined capacity development interventions in agricultural innovation systems. TAP was created to focus specifically on capacity development in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), more than 90% of which are located at least partly within the Tropics.

The conceptual design of TAPipedia ( http://www.tropagplatform.org/conceptual-design-tapipedia ) includes an analysis of TAP members’ requirements related the communication, exchange of ideas, information and knowledge, experiences, and practices, focusing on the capacity development policies and practices that work. Based on the outcomes of this analysis, a number of recommendations were provided in terms of platforms, tools and services that could be offered through the TAPipedia platform (as a central hub of information and knowledge sharing) along with potential data sources, data types and formats that could be used for serving the needs of TAP partners. This conceptual design was used as the basis for the actual implementation of TAPipedia.