Data discovery

The GODAN Discussion Paper provides an overview of the way that open data improve the life of those working with agriculture and nutrition, aiming to eliminate food security issues and improve food production. In this context, the Discussion Paper includes a series of 14 use cases showing how open data can be useful in different stages of agriculture, food production and consumption which can also be used as Best Practices by current and future initiatives.

The Nigeria Assets Decision Support System is a project of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The System allows users to consider data related to investment opportunities in agricultural development and minerals development within the context of international development activities.

Developed in the context of the Global Food Safety Partnership, unique public-private initiative dedicated to improving the safety of food in middle-income and developing countries launched by the World Bank , this service aims to allow people to view information about food safety capacity providers and offerings through an online platform (also viewable on mobile devices).

The Food Safety Knowledge Network (FSKN) is a project of Michigan State University aiming to help strengthen the food industry’s response to the complex food safety knowledge and training challenges that affect emerging markets by providing access to free learning resources.